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About us

We're brightening the business world


We believe everyone should work in a visual way and that in the future, it’ll be the norm. For now, we’re leading the way in visualising business content.

How we work

We leave a lasting impression

The work we create supports communication between teams and individuals and also across markets and countries. People can see what others mean rather than make assumptions. So if you want to visualise information in a way that gets everyone talking, chat to us today.

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The Lim Story

The Facilitation Partnership Limited is our parent company which looks after two brands – TFP, who are a team of meeting facilitators, and Lim.

Lim was born in 2022. Our name derives from the word ‘limn’. We removed the ‘n’ to make it modern and fresh. Which is what we’re all about. ‘Limn’ means ‘to depict or describe in painting or words’. The word can be traced back to the Latin word ‘illuminare’ which means ‘to illuminate’. We feel it perfectly sums up what we do because we describe what our clients are talking about through pictures and key words.

What we've been up to

Hello there - meet the Lim team

Put faces to the names

Ellie Chapman Headshot

Ellie Chapman

Creative Director

Specialism: All things visual
Headshot 13

Phoebe Robinson


Specialism: In-the-moment & communication visuals
Headshot 08

Amy Webb


Specialism: Support for facilitators
Headshot 11

Ellie Pritchard


Specialism: In-the-moment visuals & support for facilitators
Headshot 09

Freya Lowy Clark


Specialism: Communication visuals
Ruby Chapman

Ruby Chapman


Specialism: In-the-moment scribe
Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers


Specialism: In-the-moment scribe

Helping people have really good meetings

TFP is a team of amazing meeting facilitators who help global brands get to the bottom of what it is they want to say. Led by Helen and Ben, organisations around the world very much buy into this small team of facilitators who truly believe every person is an individual and has a voice.

Covering strategy and planning, team development, team leadership, and organisational culture and change, TFP can help you find an outcome everyone’s happy with, whilst remaining completely impartial.

More about TFP

Our curiosity drives us

We’re not just talented visualisers. Yes, we love drawing but we also happen to be problem solvers, thinkers and storytellers. When we’re given a brief, or a vision, we thrive on working out what’s relevant, what the key messages are and how it’ll fit on the page. Our courage means we’re not afraid to ask the questions we need to deliver. We love sharing our energy and becoming part of an extended team – there’s nothing more satisfying than helping people achieve success.

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Fancy joining the Lim team?

We’re looking for talented people to join the Lim team and help us shine, so if you think we could be a good fit, please email us some examples of your work.

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