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We are content neutral and work with teams and organisations all around the world in any sector. One day we might be visualising sustainability in aircraft, and another, we might be creating a culture playbook for a confectionary brand.

We pride ourselves on our people and believe they are the very best in this industry. They come from a range of backgrounds such as interior architecture, facilitation, illustration and graphic design. We spend a great deal of time making sure every single team member is trained to the Lim standard and armed with the absolute know-how to deliver, and only then, are they set free into the world of visualisation.

We use the fundamentals of facilitation and group process in a lot of our work and can often be found facilitating small groups when working on some of our larger projects. If you’re looking for facilitators who can help you have a really good meeting, the team at TFP  are the people to speak to. 

Live meetings, conferences and events

Live scribing in a meeting, conference or event is when drawings are created in real-time using words and pictures to capture the conversation. Live scribing can happen on paper or digitally, either in the room or virtually. During the session participants see their words and thoughts captured in high level so by the end of the session there’s a summary visual that captures what’s been discussed.

Our visualisers are trained and talented in listening and capturing in real time, which means prep before a session is efficient. Before the session, we have a call to talk through the agenda, logistics, and hear ideas from your side about types of imagery to include. Our admin team will organise the finer details such as commercials and material shipping.

Live scribing in a meeting, conference or event adds engagement, interaction and also creates a living artefact. Participants are always curious and love to come over to the board to see what we’re up to, and also contribute their thoughts and reflections from the content being shared. We ask to be introduced at the beginning of sessions so people know who we are and why we’re there. There’s nothing worse than creating something that people don’t engage with – instead we want to create visuals that mean something to the people in the room and that they have ownership over.

We typically capture a full day’s worth of content. Each event is different – sometimes we work on paper on large 3-metre wide boards, at other times we work on a sustainable alternative to foam board. For big, multi-day events, we can create some pretty big work spaces that have a huge impact.