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Ellie P London Marathon

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Ellie Pritchard runs the London Marathon

Drumroll please...

At Lim, we’re a team of runners and triathletes, so when it comes to a challenge we love to say: ‘Do more hard things’. You never know where it might take you.

According to this Huberman Lab episode on mindset, the importance of doing hard things is actually beneficial for our ability to manage ourselves and our stress. It references studies that have shown that when people successfully overcome a challenge they grow and enhance the activity in the brain.

There’s not much that’s harder than running a marathon, and drumroll, please… Our very own Ellie Pritchard ran the 2024 London Marathon for Refuge

We are so proud of her.

Ellie Pritchard runs the London Marathon 2024

Here’s what Ellie said about the day:

🙌 It was such an incredible day to be part of and I was so proud to be running for @refugecharity to support their vital services.

🌸 Having been offered @refugecharity support services after experiencing gender based violence whilst I was out on a run years ago, it really meant so much to me to raise money for them. It was especially powerful to be raising the money through running too!”

🏃🏼‍♀️ It was an incredibly moving day, being with so many people all running for meaningful causes. To all the people who shouted my name as I ran, I couldn’t stop smiling - so thank you London for all the cheers!

…And yes, of course I’ve put my name in the ballot for next year 🙊

Ellie Pritchard runs the London Marathon 2024

Read more about Ellie’s running journey here.

✨Go, Ellie ✨