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Entreprenuers' Forum 2022

Lim were pleased to be part of the Entrepreneurs' Forum 'Together We Can Take on the World' conference. We were on hand to create a series of visuals to capture the rich insights from the different speakers. We loved listening to:

- Sir Ian Livingstone CBE and his story of Games Workshop and supporting young people and their education

- Maxine Laceby and her story of Absolute Collagen

- Mike O'Brien from Opencast, Vic Morgan from Venture Stream and Brendon Hayward from Osbit

- Mimi Anderson and her incredible sporting achievements

- James Averdieck and his story of Gü and The Coconut Collaborative

It was inspiring to be part of the day and to meet so many brilliant North East entrepreneurs.

“The visuals Ellie and Phoebe created really captured the essence of our conference. They are unique, highly creative and fit perfectly with our mission to inspire the north easts entrepreneurs”

Elaine Stroud, CEO Entrepreneurs' Focum