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Conference: SQL Bits 2023

We loved supporting Sneaky Experience to deliver the SQL Bits 2023 conference.

Before we dive in, SQL Bits is the largest data conference in Europe - it's a gathering of minds, passion and fun.

12 metres of paper, no biggy

Each year the conference has a different theme and this year it was Dungeons and Dragons. The 3 days were full of tech talk, board games, fancy dress and running clubs.

We were tasked with the job of creating a mega wall of back to back visuals over the 3 days. Phoebe and Jim graphic recorded throughout and created 2 visuals:

1. to capture insights from Community Corner
2. to capture what people love about SQL Bits

Thank you again to you and the team. Everyone involved was so great - friendly, brilliant at what they delivered and very customer focussed. I was over the moon with the results.

Julia Benfield, Sneaky Experiences

Here's what we drew...


Phoebe and Jim had fun bringing the Dungeons and Dragons theme to life in the visuals. We look forward to seeing what theme the team come up with for 2024.

The conference has a big following on socials too. The visuals were shared regularly by participants, SQL Bits and ourselves.

So much someone tweeted...

Gotta say, as a passive observer over social media to the event, these drawings were very impressive, interesting, and (at times) funny. Hope it happens again in '24

Microsoft MVP

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