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Lim offers a range of services, from live-scribing to story mapping to unlock a group's thinking and light up their imagination. Whether you want something playful and fun, or simply powerful and informative, we can help.

Live Scribe

In-the-moment scribe

If you’re hosting a conference, event, webinar or trade show where participants will come together to listen to speakers, talk in breakouts, interact with exhibitors and engage through audience participation, Lim can capture highlights, key moments, bright ideas, speakers and of course, the atmosphere on the day.

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Communication Visuals

Communication visuals

From a story map to a visual meeting summary, Lim can create a visual that gets your people talking. You brief us and then we’ll take it away and work offline in our studio. We’ll deliver a piece of work that captures your most important content and of course, it’s a handy visual that can be referenced by your team.

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Visual docs & playbooks

Want to create inspiring content that hits people where you want it to? Lim can produce anything from a playbook to a design document which lays out information in an easy-to-understand and digestible way. And of course, looks great.

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Support For Faciliators

Support for facilitators

If you’re a facilitator, our live-scribes are here to support you. We understand the importance of group process and how ‘in-the-moment’ it can be. Throughout your meeting, we’ll work hand in hand with you to help bring the group’s thinking to life.

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