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Support for Facilitators

If you’re a facilitator, our live-scribes are here to support you.

We understand the importance of group process and how ‘in-the-moment’ it can be. Throughout your meeting, we’ll work hand in hand with you to help bring the group’s thinking to life.

A conversation before their very eyes

Working with Lim’s live scribes can make your meeting more engaging and keep the team on track. As you talk, we draw what’s being said in real time. This visual way of working supports the group to understand each other and captures important decisions and commitments to make sure stuff gets done.

Facilitation Support 1

The process



We’ll have a call and take a detailed brief in order to understand the purpose of your meeting and how best to capture the content to support the group. If it’s needed we’ll create a template ahead of the meeting.



We can work in the online platform of your choice, for example, Miro. If we’re in the room, we’ll set up the workspace and use either paper or a digital screen. We then work visually to create the content.



We believe in starting and finishing well. Feedback’s always good, so afterwards, we’ll have a review call to share thoughts from both sides.

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