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Social Farms and Gardens Conference 2023

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Social Farms & Gardens

Down on the farm is the place to be

It was a joy to support Social Farms & Gardens with their recent 'Gardener Hub Multiplier' event in Birmingham. Our role was to graphic record the day.

A little bit about the event

The event was hosted by Balsall Heath City Farm and was our first time capturing an event live on a farm.

The agenda was dynamic and the day was with talks and workshops hosted around the farm. Our task was to capture key information from the day on one visual. Given the outdoor setting and the activity around the farm, I captured the visual on the iPad. This way of working allowed me to dip in and out of the different workshops and also project the live drawing on a big screen during the larger talks. 

Capturing the day digitally has also been a great advantage for the SF&G team as they are now able to share the visual easily on social media and zoom in on key messages.

Producing something ewe-nique

I had such a wonderful day and I hope this is the first of many events we can capture alongside chickens, sheep and goats.

Social Farms and Gardens Conference 2023

Here's the visual in situ during the event.