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Live Scribe 9

Case Study

Airbus conference 2022

In-the-moment scribe in conference

The brief

Airbus were sponsoring an internal hybrid event and one of their key leaders was giving a 15-minute speech. As well as being keen to move away from boring PowerPoint slides, they wanted the solution to be sustainable, without unnecessary travel and printed materials. With only a week to go before their event, they needed to find a dynamic, creative and excited company ready, willing, and able to efficiently take on the challenge in a very short lead time. Enter Lim.


week to prepare




minutes to capture the full speech

How we worked


We were delighted to support and as always, were proactive, efficient, and enthusiastic from the get-go. We had a call the day of the request, quickly grasping and understanding the requirements, context, content needs, and translating thoughts and ideas into potential images, clearly presenting what the output could look like. Because we were working remotely, there was also a technical challenge requiring Lim’s adaptability and availability to test prior to the event.

Several preliminary examples were provided, and Lim participated in two helpful dry-runs, one with the speaker (two days before the event), and one with technicians and the speaker the day before the event. Baseline drawings were prepared in advance due to the rapidity and duration of the speech, and the amount of scribing that would be needed in a short 15-minute period.


The scribe’s drawing was projected behind the speaker whilst on stage, with the Lim scribe drawing remotely and in-the-moment. We adapted the speed and movement of the drawing to the speaker’s pace, storytelling, and last-minute thoughts. As the baseline drawings were prepared in advance, the scribe was able to efficiently follow the flow, adding keywords and symbols, moving the drawing, and translating complex messages, words, ideas, concepts into graphics and visuals that facilitated real-time understanding. The scribe was also connected to a technician’s direct line in the event of technical issues.


As soon as the speech was completed, we provided a copy of the final illustration via email in PDF format.

The all-important results

The result was an illustration summarising key points of the entire speech. The illustration was shared by the speaker along with a “thank you” message and also by internal stakeholders to share with their teams and colleagues. Participants thought it was an innovative presentation and a great way to show their sustainability vision and roadmap.

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