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In-the-moment scribe

Conferences & events

If you’re hosting a conference, event, webinar or trade show where participants will come together to listen to speakers, talk in breakouts, interact with exhibitors and engage through audience participation, Lim can capture highlights, key moments, bright ideas, speakers and of course, the atmosphere on the day.

Make it memorable

Our live scribes can provide one source of the day’s story so there’s a focal point for everyone to share. It’s also an engaging communication tool you can use after the event, for example, we can provide images and snippets for your internal comms and the socials.

Leaders 1


If you’ve got a meeting coming up where your group is coming together to have a conversation, share ideas and make decisions, an independent artist from Lim can capture what’s being said and provide a bird’s-eye view.

Shine a light on the conversation

Time to give boring meetings the heave-ho and say ‘see-ya’ to the normal way you visualise content. Lim can capture content in one place, so you can keep the conversation forever. Even better, it brings the team together and everyone has a voice. And by switching things up, you’ll motivate your team and make them more productive.

Live Scribe 1
Live Scribe 3

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