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RHO Conference22 All Low Res

Case Study

NHS Race and Health Observatory

In-the-moment scribe in online conference

The brief

The NHS Race and Health Observatory was holding its very first international conference (which had recently changed to being hybrid). They felt the one thing missing was energy – they didn’t want the audience to be sitting listening to talks with no excitement. They also didn’t want those who couldn’t make it onto the platform or register in time to miss some of the key points made during the conference. They asked Lim to create energy and interaction with their audience by designing a two-day graphic that could also double up as a one-day graphic and really capture the main points of the day.







How we worked


In the lead up to the event, Lim went through the agenda with the organiser to pinpoint any key moments they didn’t want to miss. This was really helpful for the client as they were already busy and had a lot of work to do, so feeling 100% confident that Lim was aware of the expectation was really valuable. There were also checks with the tech team to make sure they could share the live images as and when they were ready.


Lim produced very colourful, diverse images that really represent NHS’ ethos as an organisation and helped highlight key learning and aims for people who were both in the audience and for those who missed out on the day.


The images were shared on social media and on newsletters and got a lot of engagement from the public.

The all-important results

The team loved seeing an alternative way to capture the two days. They were impressed by how much information was on the visual as it was such a heavy agenda with very serious topics. Their overall engagement on social media platforms was really positive and they received lots of likes and retweets.

The client later asked for another sketchnote to visualise what their role is as a team because the conference visual had been so helpful.

RHO Conference22 All Low Res

The final visual

“I’m blown away by the team. What AMAZING summary graphics.” 

Zarah Mowhabuth, Transformation Manager, NHS

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